Arrange a railway sleeper MOVING PARTY but stay below the limit!

Do not underestimate the task of moving a dozen railway sleepers. The muscles between your wrist and elbow are seriously put to the test! So, why not arrange a railway sleeper moving party?  Invite friends and family to carry your railway sleepers into the garden. However, pour out the drinks AFTERWARDS! We've been met several times by a press-ganged group of friends (normally men) who've decided in their wisdom that a visit to the pub would warm up their muscles and encourage a 'toss the railway sleeper competition'. Alternatively they try to beat the 'Carry the railway sleeper' record by the world's strongest man! See opposite! Never carry the end of a heavy railway sleeper with someone who's been drinking! They'll either drop it on you, or cause you to fall into the shrubbery.


TAKE CARE! Wear sensible boots (not flip flops) and gloves. Beware of trapped fingers when one person lifts a sleeper while the other is still trying to get their hands underneath (the most common & painful injury). Beware bruised legs or feet when railway sleepers are dropped on thighs or toes. I speak from experience! Thick gloves & boots are definitely recommended. Look after your back & please be careful about lifting! Take your time, be sensible & always bend your knees etc.. A back injury will often last a lifetime. Lifting a railway sleeper on your own to show your own macho qualities is a sad inadvisable pastime. Be sensible! Want to see the damage a dropped railway sleeper can do to a hand?  SEE MORE

Take special care of fingers, feet and back. End of sermon!


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