Man used track as pillow

11 May 2013

Wooden beds made from railway sleepers look great, but it helps to take them off the track first!

The man used the track as a pillow and had his feet inches from the live rail at Epsom, Surrey.
Trains were disrupted and police filmed the former company director, 48, from a helicopter as he slept in March.
Neither the sound of the helicopter nor passing trains could wake the man, who admitted obstructing the railway by neglect. Redhill magistrates heard that a train went past the man's head, but he did not wake up.
The defence said the man had no memory of what happened.
The court heard staff had to switch off power and thousands of people on four routes were affected by delays.
Pc Keith Board, of British Transport Police, said: "I've never seen anything like it in all my years of policing.
"Trains had to stop running and the power was turned off so that police and emergency crews could safely get to him."
He said staff had been "astounded" at what happened.
The man was fined £560 and given 180 hours' community service.