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24 June 2016 / Posted in: Railway Sleeper News

How can such a barrel fail to bring a smile to one's lips! It's like a tiny hobbit house. A magical dwelling for fairy creatures! What makes it all the more amazing is that somehow in Krakow it feels very normal. It seems to fit there perfectly amongst the medieval houses, as though everyone should live in barrels! Krakow is a beautiful city in Southern Poland that has an unforgettable medieval centre and Jewish quarter. In the beautiful market squares, amidst the bustling stalls of food, clothes and crafts, you can find these huge barrels that have been converted to sell food and drink.

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09 April 2016 / Posted in: Railway Sleeper News

A young man from Rush, near Dublin, fell asleep on a railway track and narrowly escaped certain death thanks to a train driver who managed to slam on the emergency breaks before hitting him. He was ordered by Judge Dempsey from Balbriggan District Court to pay 150 euros to the Samaritans.

Eric Rogan, aged 22, had taken the wrong bus home after a 'session' with friends, and thought the quickest way to get home was to walk along the railway tracks. He was spotted lying asleep on the railway tracks at 12.20am by the train driver who managed to stop the train by applying the emergency brakes.

Lucky escape!

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24 March 2016 / Posted in: Railway Sleeper News

A stone railway sleeper which was part of one of the world’s first inter city train lines has been moved to a new home outside Tring museum after more than 170 years.

It was one of 160,000 tonnes of stone railway sleepers used to build the first railway line from London to Birmingham in Victorian times.

A few years after the railway line opened in 1838, engineers realised that these square stone railway sleepers were too rigid, created excessive vibration and could not cope with the heavy steam trains, so they replaced them with wooden railway sleepers – making the stones ones useless.

Many of them ended up in gardens or country estates but moving these stone railway sleepers  – which weighed the equivalent of a third of a tonne – was no mean feat, and the museum drafted in six eager RAF trainees from Halton.

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Derek's struggle with screwing into new oak railway sleepers

23 March 2016 / Posted in: Railway Sleeper News

Derek's struggle with screwing into new oak railway sleepers

WHAT A SLOG! One of the tough things about using oak railway sleepers, apart from their weight, is their inevitable hardness. This naturally makes them an impressive & durable hardwood, but it also makes them frustrating to drill into it or cut. Derek eventually discovered, like many before him, that pre-drilling is the only effective way of driving screws into oak, without getting them stuck or snapping them, which is a real hassle. Our suggestion for Timberlok screws is to always pre-drill a 6mm pilot hole through oak railway sleepers before driving the screw in. Much easier. And gives you much more time to enjoy your vegetables!

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Dreaming of unimaginable wealth? Will's railway sleeper pens could net you a cool billion pounds!

05 March 2016 / Posted in: Railway Sleeper News

It is incredible to think that a 2.6m rough and ready railway sleeper can be turned by Will into such a delicate thing of beauty. Very impressive.

As a rough ridiculous estimate, one Jarrah railway sleeper could make 8,125 pens! (Of course allowing for no wastage, and absolutely no knowledge of wood turning!) And if you sold these beautiful pens for £125 each, that would be 1 million pounds per railway sleeper. So a 1000 railway sleepers would create 1 billion pounds....aghhh!!

A solution for our national debt! Forget the National Lottery. Let's make railway sleeper pens! And with your billions you could run for President of the USA!


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Man honoured with railway sleeper chair

20 February 2016 / Posted in: Railway Sleeper News

Man honoured with railway sleeper chair

THE memory of well-known Ron Wakelin was honoured at Calliope Historical Village in Australia. His family and friends unveiled a handmade chair, built from old wooden railway sleepers, featuring a plaque honouring his life. Mr Wakelin died 4 years ago, but left a lasting impression on his grandchildren who remember him for his heroic deeds. His daughter Helen said: "He was a man with a big heart who wanted nothing but to help other people."

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Stunning Spanish Library from Used Railway Sleepers

04 January 2016 / Posted in: Railway Sleeper News

Sometimes you see something in life that makes your heart leap with excitement. This stunning, imaginative and unique building is one of those moments. A beautiful and daring use of railway sleepers that that is jaw droppingly fabulous. Reclaimed railway sleepers have been chosen to create the walls of this library in Azkoitia, Spain, which is positioned at the town's former railway station. 

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Impressive railway sleeper WATER FEATURE

05 November 2015 / Posted in: Railway Sleeper News

If you are thinking of building a water feature using railway sleepers and don't know where to start, or how to design it, or what materials to use, or how much it may cost, then take a look at the website 'makeawaterfeature.com'. Yes, there's only a choice of one project, but the instructions and step by step photos are really excellent, and someone has taken a lot of time to pass on their wisdom. Shame there's not a human being to thank!

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24 October 2015 / Posted in: Railway Sleeper News

Amongst the acres of fragrant lavender, there are numerous railway sleeper raised beds to be found perching against the agricultural buildings that make up Norfolk Lavender. Wonderfully bleached by the sun, the railway sleepers make up a gentle contrast to the rigid block faces of the farm buildings.

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09 October 2015 / Posted in: Railway Sleeper News

The outstanding Kilgraney garden is finished at last. A beautiful design. Both with and without the plants you can see what an exceptional creation it is. A garden palace made from oak railway sleepers and intricate stone paving. The lighting is stunning and provides a night time wonderland. Quite wonderful. 

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