Champion boxer Tyson Fury lifts Railway Sleepers

22 September 2013

Champion boxer Tyson Fury is taking on David Haye in an all-British megafight on September 28 and has been training by lifting railway sleepers.

Fury and Haye will settle their differences in the ring in front of the Sky Sports cameras and the network have been working hard on the promotion of the fight in recent weeks.

They caught up with Fury at his training base in Belgium and filmed scenes for the advert that will be aired to promote the fight. Fury was filmed skipping through a Bay Tree nursery, jogging down a disused railway line and lifting railway sleepers above his head.

"I want to win this fight more than anything. He's nothing special, he hasn't got 16 arms or three heads or whatever. He's just a normal man with a pair of gloves on, made of blood and bones. I don't fear him one percent."

UPDATE: You will have heard that David Haye has withdrawn from the fight. Rumour has it that he was too shocked following Fury's disclosure about lifting railway sleepers.