Danger! Exploding railway sleepers!

26 July 2013

Railway Sleepers Could Explode! THIEVES who raided an engineering yard in Bedworth have been warned by police: "The stolen railway sleepers could kill you!". The strong-armed raiders stole 50 wooden railway sleepers fitted with special compressed air units. Police today issued an urgent safety appeal, warning the culprits that they are risking serious injury - or even death - if they tamper with the railway sleepers. "The railway sleepers could explode, causing serious or even fatal injuries," said a police spokeswoman.

Fifty railway sleepers were stolen from OLEO International, on the Grovelands Industrial Estate, off Coventry Road, Exhall, between Friday afternoon and yesterday morning. The spokeswoman said: "Each of the wooden railway sleepers has a pair of metal buffers on them. These are devices which are positioned on the end barrier when a train comes to a halt in a railway station platform. "If anyone tries to dismantle the railway sleepers without the correct equipment, the metal parts are likely to explode." Police have warned anyone being offered the railway sleepers to handle them with extreme care and to contact police immediately. Anyone with information should contact Sgt Paul Browning at Bedworth police on 024 7664 3111.