Duvet causes train to be cancelled. A case of railway 'sleepers'!

27 February 2014

As railway travellers sleepily got out of their beds on Monday morning, little did they expect that someone else's duvet would cause the cancellation of their journey!  

Mysteriously a duvet was found lying draped across the overhead power lines when a commuter train ran underneath – tangling it in the electrical mechanism – near Keighley railway station. It took more than an hour before the bedding could be freed, during which time dozens of trains had to be cancelled on the Airedale line. How the duvet got there remains unknown.

But the British Transport Police said the incident had not been reported as an act of vandalism, so no investigation was under way. “It is a mystery as to how the duvet ended up on the overheads in the first place – it is possible it blew there.”