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Man honoured with railway sleeper chair

20 February 2016

Man honoured with railway sleeper chair

THE memory of well-known Ron Wakelin was honoured at Calliope Historical Village in Australia. His family and friends unveiled a handmade chair, built from old wooden railway sleepers, featuring a plaque honouring his life. Mr Wakelin died 4 years ago, but left a lasting impression on his grandchildren who remember him for his heroic deeds. His daughter Helen said: "He was a man with a big heart who wanted nothing but to help other people." 

About 10 years ago Mr Wakelin was out at a restaurant with his family when a man suddenly collapsed, suffering a heart attack. Mr Wakelin rushed to his aid and managed to revive the man through CPR. "The man survived and the family was so grateful," Helen Wakelin said. "My dad was known and respected by everyone."