Frequently asked Questions about Cutting railway sleepers

The cheap way to sharpen your chainsaw.
Avoiding chainsaw massacres!

The cheap way to sharpen your chainsaw

Cutting railway sleepers, poles and timber on site is invaluable. Yet we're amazed at how many landscapers pay £10 every time their chainsaw blades get blunt (which can be often if you do a lot of cutting or hit stones or nails etc..). Why? Why lose money and the use of your saw when you can sharpen it yourself on the job in 5 minutes, for about 20p. That's all it costs. One file for about £1 will sharpen your saw 5 times or more. The total kit will cost you about £10. (File, file guide, portable vice). It's not rocket science. We'll even show you !

Avoiding chainsaw massacres!

Who are we to criticise fellow professionals ! But really... !  Some of the knackered saws that limp to the yard, with dangling blunt blades, and users who strain life and limb to cut something with the top tip of the saw (One of the definite NO's in chainsawing, and a deadly invitation for 'kick-back'). Please be careful out there. Consider a chainsaw course if you haven't taken one. You'll learn how to stay alive, as well as sharpening, changing chains and servicing. It'll also give you a licence to use it in a public place. Well worth it.

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