Frequently Asked Questions about our Deliveries of Railway Sleepers

Where do we deliver to?

We can generally deliver railway sleepers, poles and landscaping materials anywhere in the UK, including most islands and islolated boggy bits. Occasionally we deliver to Europe and even futher afield on rare occasions. We currently have a small intergalactic haulage service covering most of the Solar System. 

What VEHICLES do we use?

We use a collection of vehicles, ranging from large artic lorries, to smaller 'curtain side' rigid pallet lorries, and a small 4WD vehicle with trailer for local deliveries. Some options require the customer to offload, whereas others have cranes or forklifts attached.

Do I have to OFFLOAD my order?

It depends on which delivery system you chose. Generally it's cheaper to have a delivery which you are able to offload. So, which of the following delivery options do I need to offload?

YES!  The Pallet Network   Customer to offload by forklift or by hand
 This is the most efficient & popular means of delivery that generally covers 100% of the UK, and is the cheapest option so long as you can offload.
* You can CHOSE any delivery day you want in advance within 2- 3 working days, Mon - Fri, between 9am & 5pm. 
* Next day & Saturday deliveries CAN be arranged, with a surcharge.
* YOU are responsible for offloading the materials from the vehicle. The vehicle does NOT have a crane offload.
* You MUST have at least 2 or more strong people to manually offload. These timbers are too heavy for one person.
* The driver is not able to help you offload or carry materials into your house or garden.
One exception! If the railway sleepers or poles are 1.2m or less in length, the lorry driver CAN place the sleepers onto the pavement or road using the lorry tail lift and hand pallet truck.

YES!  Artic or Rigid lorry   Customer to offload by forklift
This is normally the most economic way of delivering large loads of railway sleepers, e.g. 200 - 500, from our Nottingham yard. You can can normally chose the delivery day that you want.  
* YOU are responsible for offloading the lorry with a forklift that can lift at least 2 tons.
Your order will be delivered on either an non-artic rigid lorry (carrying approx 10-15 tons) or an artic lorry (carrying approx 26- 28 tons).

YES!  4 Wheel Drive vehicle and trailer    Customer to offload by forklift or by hand
This is only for smaller local loads in the East Midlands of up to 2 tons (about 32 pine railway sleepers or 20 hardwood railway sleepers).
* We use a 4 wheel drive vehicle & trailer which which should be able to access most roads & back
 onto most drives. 
* YOU are responsible for offloading the materials from the vehicle. The vehicle does NOT have offload.
* You MUST have at least 2 or more strong people to manually offload. These timbers are too heavy for one person.

NO!  Lorry with crane, or forklift    Lorry will offload itself
* These vehicles can offload themselves with either forklift or crane.
The delivery charge is understandably more expensive than the Pallet system, but is essential if you order some heavy railway sleepers, without anyone to help you offload. 
* Your order can be offloaded so long as there is space for the forklift or crane to operate without being obstructed by vehicles or parked cars etc..
You must ensure in advance that there is access space for the lorry to operate.


You must ensure in advance that a lorry has clear access to your property. It is crucial to tell us, when you order, whether there are any delivery problems - e.g. a narrow road, cul de sac, cars parked in front of the property etc..
* An unsuccesful delivery will incur a further delivery charge.

Is there a MINIMUM order?

No. It makes no difference. The cost to you is the same whether we deliver 1 of something or 10 of something... e.g. if the delivery cost to somewhere in Britain for 20 railway sleepers was for example £99 + Vat, then the delivery for 1 sleeper would cost the same. That's because transport is charged per pallet space, so whether there is 1 sleeper on a pallet, or 20 sleepers on it, it makes no difference! 

How do we work out the DELIVERY COST?

The delivery charge depends on what type of railway sleeper you chose and where you live. If you go online and place the number of railway sleepers you are interested in into the shopping basket, and imput your postcode, the website will calculate the delivery cost according to the number and length of the railway sleepers. If you play around with different lengths of railway sleepers, you will discover that 1.2m ones are the cheapest to have delivered, followed then by any sleeper up to 2.4m in length, and then finally the longer 2.6m, 3m and 3.6m ones. It's all about what space the railway sleepers take up on a lorry, and what the haulage companies then charge us.  Lots of different variables ! So, if you order online, the delivery cost will be worked out automatically by a computer brain. If you order by telephone, the delivery cost will be calculated by a mere human being, who will chat with you whilst working it all out!

Can I COLLECT from you? 

YES! Please ring us first to confirm an time to visit us or collect something. 0115 9890445. 
Several people have made the journey to us, out of opening hours & have been disappointed to find nobody here to help them. Please contact us first, to confirm a visiting 
time. We're flexible, MON - FRI (9.00 - 4.00) & SAT AM (9.00 - 12.00) 
Of course, it helps to be REALISTIC about the size and carrying capacity of your car or vehicle. Some have chosen their faithful two wheeled bike to collect their railway sleepers whilst others have put their faith in more substantial and familiar four wheeled vehicles!  SEE OVERLOAD!   

Can you deliver ABROAD?

* We can deliver to Europe and beyond if the delivery cost isn't too prohibitive for you.
* All responsibilty for arranging international haulage, shipping, ordering & filling containers, customs & paperwork etc.. lies with the customer.
* Deliveries to the European mainland are often arranged with Artic lorry.
* Deliveries to the rest of the world will normally be shipped by container. We do not load / stuff containers
* We can arrange delivery of sleepers to any UK destination or port. Alternatively customers can arrange collection from the central yard in Nottingham. Your order will be loaded by forklift. 

Can you deliver to OUTER SPACE?

* All responsibilty for arranging intergalactic haulage, ordering & filling cargo spacecraft, and international space federation permits etc.. lies with the customer. Destination site to offload.
* Deliveries to our own solar system can often be arranged with the European Space Agency
* Deliveries to the rest of the universe will normally be shipped with the International Space Federation.
* We can arrange delivery of sleepers to most launch pad sites. Alternatively customers can arrange collection from our headquarters in the UK. Your order will be loaded by forklift.
* We do not load / stuff cargo spacecraft (with the exception of our Houston branch).

Expected delivery within 7 days - 58 years
Time (approx)
£ Price (from)
Prices can be effected by changes in costs of bipropellant, solid fuel or space piracy
Moon (approx 238,857 miles) 4 days
£6 million
Mars (approx 34 million miles) (averaging 25,000 miles per hour) 260 days
£123 million
Venus (approx 44 million miles away) Mercury (77 million miles away) 1 - 2 years
£180 million
Saturn (approx 746 million miles away) 20 years
£3.5 billion
Uranus (1.6 billion miles away) Neptune (approx 2.68 billion miles away) 40-70 years
£5.2 billion


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