Dolly's clocks made from railway sleepers

Find attached pictures of clocks, carefully crafted with railway sleeper wood mainly from your yard

Rhodesian Teak. (what hard work, but what a result)

Baltic Pine. (Soft splinters, but virgin finish)

Iroko. (hard splinters, golden sheen)

Spruce. (Stunning finish)

Azobe. (nice to work with, in small doses)

French Oak. (so beautiful)

Disaster. ( Pine. All cut out for clock piece, all sanded smooth, all hard work done. Decided to add a texture to the face, with the help of a hammer and cloth. Obviously one wallop too far ! ) Dolly Says..

Fabulous original clocks, showing off the most incredible of wood grains & textures. Real handmade treasures. Likewise your photos are beautiful to look at, displaying your creations magnificently.