John Brian's amazing railway sleeper oak sculptures


As promised here are some pictures of the sculptures derived from your oak railway sleepers.  I would be flattered to have them on your web-site.

They have been created over a period of years. Some were a commission for four wood sculptures from oak railway sleepers illustrating characters from John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress for a Vicarage garden. Some of the railway sleeper sculptures were auctioned on behalf of the charity Rainbows. Some were exhibited at a retrospective exhibition which Marion and I mounted in the barn at Baxter farm, having been invited to do so by Peter and Pru Tatham, who were opening their lovely garden for charity.    
John Brian, Willoughby in the Wolds, Leicestershire.

PS I am happy to accept commissions & can be contacted directly or through

PSS. I've also had correspondence from someone who has seen the railway sleeper statues on the website, and wanted some help in crafting a sculpture :

My name is Emre Tiryaki from Turkey and I am a student ?n the Department of Fine Arts  in Hacetepe University. This year I am working on a sculpture which made from railway sleepers. I had seen your web page when I was searching information and techiques about the ?ssue. ? had some problems and difficulties about working on the railway sleepers (I mean its really hard to cut  it) I tried to cut it by machine but I did not have a good results. When I saw your works on your web page, I decided to write you an e mail to have some suggestions from you. What advice would you give me about that problem?

If you help me, I will be very happy. Emre.

Hi Emre, I can understand why you are having difficulties. I use an electrical portable circular saw, making cuts of variable depths across the railway sleeper at 5cm intervals, and then chop out the sections with a mallet and chisel. When I have got roughly the shape I need, I use chisels and gouges to get the final shape. On convex surfaces I use an electrical portable planer.The final finish is achieved with a sanding disc on an electric drill. If you don't understand what I have told you, please write to me.
John Brian Says..

A magnificent collection. They are wonderful, imaginative, elegant works of art that would gracefully overlook any garden, park or home. These beautiful sculptures were mainly carved from new untreated green oak railway sleepers. Approximate original railway sleeper size is 2.6m x 250mm x 150mm / 125mm, or in old money 8' 6" x 10" x 6" / 5". An amazing addition to any landscaping project or house.