Paul Taylor's unique creations from railway sleeper wood

Attached are some photos of some chairs I made from some 2.6m x 250mm x 150mm azobe railway sleepers I purchased from you a couple of years ago. I totally forgot to send you them. I also attach some photos of a chess board made from the same azobe and some french oak beams purchased from you.

Also attached is a photo of a mosiac based on an actual photo. I'm still finishing it. I started it in 2004 as a present for my girlfriend's parents not realising 2 years later that it wouldn't be finished. It's taken about 500 hours so far. It's made from the off cuts from the chairs and the chess board I sent earlier. It's made from azobe and french oak and killed my planer and bandsaw. It contains around 15000 peices of wood, each one being a quarter of an inch cube.

You should have seen the pile of saw dust!. I wouldn't recommend using such hard woods for a similar project unless you have more time and money than sense or are making a gift to get in the good books of the inlaws. A real labour of love!. Also attached is a photo of some steps made from the remaining pieces of azobe railway sleeper offcuts.

Thanks for the great service.
Paul Taylor Says..

Well, I only hope you get in their good books after all that ! An incredible collection of creations, that show real talent, creativity & astounding perseverance. An amazing & magical transformation of an azobe railway sleeper.