Tate Gallery railway sleeper art

Tony Cragg, who was born in 1949, created this sculpture called 'Stack' in 1975. It is described as being made of 'Wood, concrete, brick, metal, plastic, textile, cardboard and paper.'

The Tate Art Gallery bought this work of art in 1997.

RailwaySleepers.com Says..

It's great to see railway sleepers used in so many different and unusual ways. Here they are used as one of many different textures and shapes to make up a stacked collage of materials. Love it or hate it, it certainly provides a conversation piece!

Curiously enough, the 8th picture (above) of a stack of railway sleepers in 2014, shows a passing ressemblance to the 1975 Tate Gallery work of art. Maybe it was divine inspiration or artistic plagiarism. Either way, I have a feeling that the Tate won't be ringing us!