Ben Parker's lawn edging with new pine railway sleepers

I used your railway sleepers to neatly edge a lawn.
Ben Parker

New British pine eco-friendly railway sleepers Says..

A well constructed landscaping project. There's something very straightforward and clean-lined about using new railway sleepers in your garden. They are so easy for framing lawns and patios, and building simple raised beds and steps, and manage to look exceptionally smart and yet natural at the same time. On a completely different note, I notice that you have used artificial grass. I think I used to have an automatic old fogey dislike to plastic grass, in the same way as I impulsively did to PVC windows, electric bikes, brick-effect render and plastic gnomes. But I'm softening in my old age. I can see that that it looks really good all year round, is of low maintenance, probably from re-cycled plastic and deters moles.  But there again, I wouldn't be able to play with my mower..... yet on the other hand I'd create no petrol fumes.... Aghhh.... Endless impossible decisions.