Chelsea Physic Garden's Oak walkways with railway sleepers

The Chelsea Physic Garden holds 1000's of plants focusing  on both medicinal plants as well as rare and endangered species. The garden has a mild microclimate caused by sheltering walls, the river and the Garden’s south facing aspect allowing many tender plants, especially from the Mediterranean region and the Canary Islands. The glasshouses  hold a collection of tropical, sub-tropical and Mediterranean species.

New oak posts 150mm x 150mm  x 2.4m. Says..

This Chelsea Physic Garden is a wonderful hideaway in central London, that houses a wonderful collection of plants & trees. The 3.6 acre garden is split into many different area with raised beds, walkways, screens, ponds etc.. One of the really effective features is their use of vertical oak posts every few metres that are linked together with steel wire and rails, that create not only a physical screen or boundary, but a see through wall on which plants can climb and be trained on. A really effective and attractive design.