Let's get smoking! Ken's whisky barrel is raring to go!

Here are photos of the smoker I made from your whisky barrel.
Ken Marshall

1 x 3ft hogshead oak whiskey barrel

RailwaySleepers.com Says..

What a life this barrel has had!  Originally handmade in a cooperage, it spent its adult life in a scottish distillery, patiently aging blends of Scottish whisky, before finally putting its feet up and retiring into a world of cookery adventure.    
Foods have been smoked by humans throughout history. Of course many people only think of smoking meat and fish, but for those veggies amongst us, there is a vast lip-smacking smoky world out there of vegetables, cheese, sauces, nuts, butter, pasta, drinks, spices, eggs, fruit... in fact ANYTHING you fancy flavouring, cooking or preserving with a unique taste and flavour!