Montes - a Chilean 'cathedral' for thousands of oak barrels

Montes is the shared vision of four friends, first dreamed up in the late 1980s, of making Chilean wines to a higher level than the world had ever seen. Now their wine is sold in more than 100 countries and they are recognised as pioneers of high-end Chilean wine. Guided tours will take you down to the cellars, where you’ll find 800 oak barrels in a spectacular semi-circular arrangement being serenaded by Gregorian chants to give the wines the optimal ageing conditions. 
Colchagua Valley, 
Chile Says..

Yes, they certainly take their wine seriously. An immersive experience that feels more like visiting a sacred building than a vineyard, with angels adorning every wine label.  A winemaking temple dedicated to excellence and a respectful celebration of the fruits of the vine. Reduced to a whisper, you wander in awe along the aisles of oak barrels, marvelling at their vision.