Neil's railway sleeper bed

Hi Kilgraney Well, after a house move and some hard grafting (not to mention lifting several sleepers up and down several flights of stairs), I enclose some pictures of my finished bed: (with assorted titles !)

Some random bloke
Sorting out the lengths
Rough idea of the basic frame
Prototype of the joints
Prototype joint with steel rod in place
Corner joint drilled
Corner joint from another angle
All the corner joints drilled
Inner frame built & in place
Inner frame from the base
Get yer coat love
The finished article

Neil Says..

Thanks for your detailed pictures, showing a great deal of thoughtful planning, determined effort & precise construction. This is an mega solid bed that weighs in at at least a 1/4 of a ton, constructed from super-strong French oak. A great achievement which merits a beer at the very least. This is an olympic bed to support the whole party !