Impressive wooden shelter building made from new railway sleepers

Please find attached some pictures of our shelter building that we made in a couple of days from about 100 new pine pressure treated railway sleepers.  We first created a 3 sided base of  railway sleepers laid horizontally on their wider edge, to form a level foundation for the structure. Upright railway sleepers were then added, which were infilled with railway sleepers laid on their narrow edge, to firm up the structure and create walls. The roof lintels came from some very long reclaimed azobe railway sleepers. We used packs of railway sleepers to create platforms to work from (much more stable than scaffolding) and forklifts were used to lift everything into place.  Timberlok railway sleeper screws were a godsend in firmly bolting everything together with our trusty DeWalt 18 volt drills.  All in all, a very satisfying project, that will create much needed protection from sun, rain and wind.

New British pine eco friendly railway sleepers
3m x 250mm x 125mm
Timberlok railway sleeper screws Says.. supplies new and used hardwood & softwood railway sleepers throughout the UK.
Many thanks for sharing both your excellent photos and the useful commentary of the construction of your wooden shelter building. It’s a really impressive yet also straightforward railway sleeper project that will no doubt inspire many more building creations, whether garden buildings, sheds or even castles!