Dave Barclay's landscaping used with railway sleepers

Here are some of the photos from the work that I did in my friend's back garden. Over the winter my friend had asked me if I could do some landscaping for her in her back garden. I had always wanted to do some thing using railway sleepers but had never had the chance so we thought that this would be a good time to try some ideas out. If I'm being honest most of the ideas that I had, had come from your web site which I visit to be amazed at what people will and can do with railway sleepers. So off we set to her dad's farm to see what we could steal from him to use in the garden. I had a surplus of old 2' x 2' grey slabs that we were going to use for paving and we knew that her dad Roger had a load of old railway sleepers and telegraph poles which he was happy to give us. Over the winter when I had free time I set about landscaping the garden, doing it bit by bit until finely last weekend I got it finished.

Now the reason that I have sent you this email is that it was all bitter sweet as my friends dad had a massive heart attack in January and died. So you can see we were glad that the project was completed but sad that Roger who supplied us with 90%of the materials never got to see what it looked like.

I realise that you only show the photos of projects undertaken by people who have purchased railway sleepers and other materials from your business but I was wondering if there would be any chance of you showing some of the photos that we have taken over the course of the project as a tribute for Roger and a source of inspiration for others out there who like the idea of using railway sleepers in their landscaping.

Thank you for showing the photos on your site. I told my friend the other day and she was over the moon. Keep up the good work on your site and take care
Dave Barclay

Used Dutch Oak railway sleepers

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You are so very welcome. A moving tribute to Roger, and a great example of a unique raised patio area, retained by railway sleepers and telegraph poles (and whatever else you could get your hands on!) An impressive amount of planning and hard work, with digging, lifting and cutting a-plenty, went into this labour of love,