Mike & Alison's decking project

Picture 1 We needed to install a step from our new conservatory so the original plan was to do just that - build a step, but we then decided that a decking area would improve the look of that grotty corner of the garden.
Picture 2 -Day 1- We first set out the railway sleepers, opting for brand new treated pine as they are straight & would therefore give a much more even surface upon which to lay the decking planks. A batten was attached to the conservatory & a slight fall away from the conservatory was essential to ensure water would run off.

Picture 3 -Day 2 saw us setting out the essential support timbers, evenly spaced and braced & perhaps the most enjoyable part of the job. I would recommend that this job isn't even considered unless you have access to a hand held circular saw. What could have been a huge job was made simple with this tool -how did I ever live without it!
Picture 4 -Day 3 and the decking starts to go down. Make sure that nosey cats are all accounted for before fitting the final pieces!! Although we ordered the right area of decking, we miscalculated the lengths & had to collect a few more. Jerry was only too happy for us to collect, even at 7 in the evening, but we are lucky to live only 20 minutes drive away. Double check your calculations before you order.
Picture 5 -Day 4 and copious amounts of screws later, the finishing touch was to draw a line along the 2 sides and trim off all the decking ends with the "magic" saw. I would like to thank Jerry & his team for the efficient, friendly service they gave (timber ordered on Monday at 6pm & delivered by 9:30am the next day) and the advice on how to do the job. I now have plans for steps, a path, a gazebo.......
Mike & Alison
British Pine eco friendly Railway Sleepers


RailwaySleepers.com Says..

Thanks for the description and photos of your project. A great improvement to the 'grotty corner of the garden'!