Mini raised deck framed with railway sleepers

Positioned in front of the Bridge & Bayleaf Indian restaurant & bar, in Gunthorpe, next to the River Trent in Nottinghamshire, there is a small raised decking area or stage, positioned on its own, that is framed by untreated hardwood railway sleepers.

Used untreated Australian Jarrah railway sleepers. Says..

Putting on one side the curiosity of finding such a tiny raised deck almost alone in the car park of the Indian restaurant, and begging the questions 'Why? & For whom?', it is a great example of how to construct such a stage. The heavy untreated tropical hardwood railway sleepers provide a brilliant and substantial 'picture frame' for the modern decking that fills the centre. A great contrast between old & new. Very effective. 

Going back to the first questions, the nearby river Trent frequentlly floods, but the 1 foot high raised deck would hardly provide much island protection for many people, other than for birds. So, there you have it, maybe it's an emergency retreat for ducks?