Paul's garden- for Nicky

Completed a garden landscaping project for my partner Nicky. The 'old' garden was an old 3 x 3 concrete slabbed patio and the wood holding it all 'up' had rotted. The garden was on a major slope, typical of a relatively new housing estate (10 years old) - you know the score... a small garden steeper than a ski slope! Anyway sat outside one sunday and skeched a rough plan!!! Next, how to level the garden...! Mmm.... use railway sleepers to 'step' the slope. Good idea. Bought an pick axe, ripped up the old patio, encased it in railway sleepers, then blocked paved it.

Next, slotted railway sleepers under the new patio extending outward to create a very long decked area with lots of hardcore to fill the holes. Dug up the lawn... buried it ... killed my back!!

Then from the extended railway sleepers slotted horizontal railway sleepers to hold it all level, filled the areas with plumb slate and a small veg patch. Slotted more railway sleepers into the right structure to build a 'dock' and then put nickies swing on there. Put Nicky's Cane structure into the centre of the garden with more slate required... green this time.

To the left of the garden from the block patio leading down to the new slabbed bench area I built a stream. The water is pumped from the new pond which required digging in one end and levelling the other, up to a half barrel. The water appears from a specially cut slate block, very nice (but not cheap) and the stream is made from rubber and is filled with stones, slate, tree stump, logs, and various rocks etc... Very soothing, no leaks either. The pond is stocked with fish and has 3 stone outside lights.

The decking has 10 low voltage blue LED lights ... extremely effective at night and highly recommended. The decking has 4 roped decking posts to the left and right. The rope was sourced off Ebay from a boating shop in Plymouth.

Anyway, Nicky wanted the garden ready for Summer. I started it 4 weeks ago, and have worked most nights and weekends on my own to get it finished. She's happy and I'm in a wheelchair... not really, but it's been hard work and I'm happy with the result.

New Oak railway sleepers
2600mm x 250mm x 150mm Says.. supplies new and used hardwood & softwood railway sleepers throughout the UK.
What a labour of love... an impressive feat of determination, skill and graft. A transformation from ski slope, to exciting multi terraced garden, with lots of imaginatively created different areas and usages.