In the rough! Hidden hardwood railway sleepers at Radcliffe on Trent Golf Club

Here are some photos of some hardwood reclaimed railway sleepers that have been used under a bridge at Radcliffe on Trent Golf club.

Reclaimed Dutch oak railway sleepers Says..

It would be fair to say that most decent golfers don't go scrabbling under bridges in search of their ball. Instead they cheerfully walk down the centre of the fairway, totting up the number of pars they've accumulated, and dreaming of their next birdie. But this is where they miss out.  The more adventurous players explore the extreme edges of each hole, trecking through bushes, ponds and ploughed fields, admiring the natural beauty of unexpected undergrowth, whilst amassing long lost balls. An opportunity to discover the hidden delights of aged railway sleepers, and plan your next landscaping project. It may not help you in your quest to break 100 shots, but it may sweeten the pain of the eye watering club membership fee, as you sit contentedly in your newly designed garden.