John's children's den

You said that you would like to see some finished and work in progress pictures for the childrens den that I have produced using mainly 4" Machined poles supplied by you. Hope you find the pictures useful and maybe even post them onto your website.

"The den has taken a number of weeks to build and certainly changed designs a number of times in order to overcome some technical issues and to also make the initial design easier to construction. As mentioned above the "den" is made mainly from the new 4" machined poles supplied by you, and the den in total cost around £320 to build. This certainly was far cheaper than buying a ready made den and also ensured that the finished product was suitable for our 10year old, and lasts for a few years.

The project has been a challenge but has proved a very rewarding one. The kids are certainly over the moon with the den, and they are the envy of all there friends. For those people who may think about building a den like this, hire a hole borer as digging 14 post holes to a depth of 2 feet is certainly hard work!" Please let me know if you'll include the photos and text above on your website.....It'll make me the envy of all my friends.
John Whelpton Says..

Absolutely brilliant! No wonder your children are thrilled. All credit to you for designing and building it from scratch. We all envy you!