Steve's school sandpit with railway sleepers

Photo as promised. The kids love the sand-pit. We used 12 lengths of 3m New Pine railway sleepers.
Steve Says.. supplies new and used hardwood & softwood railway sleepers throughout the UK.
Many thanks for these pictures, Steve. It's clearly a great success, and appreciated by the children. It's a perfect example of how simple and straightforward using railway sleepers are, whether for a sandpit, pond or raised bed.

1) Chose a type of sleeper that is suitable for frequent contact by children in schools. (Creosoted sleepers are NOT allowed, according to recent Creosote legislation highlighting its dangers. Most schools use new pine or new oak railway sleepers)
2) Ensure the ground is level and firm.
3) Place the 1st layer on the ground. In the case of this sandpit, it was 2 sleepers long and 1 sleeper wide.
4) Place the 2nd layer on top of the 1st layer, ensuring that the 2nd layer overlaps the joints or ends of the 1st layer. (i.e. staggered joints, like building a brick wall)
5) Fasten layer 2 to layer 1 with railway sleeper screws or 'Timberlok'. The whole structure is now firm and interlinked. Technically you could now lift it all up in one piece (if you had a crane!)
6) Finished. Easy & quick!