KEEP OFF THE RAILWAY LINE (But not at Mae Klong Railway Market!)

Mae Klong railway market is a unique market place in the centre of Amphoe Mueang Samut Songkhram, in southern Thailand, where the train passes directly through the market stalls. Says.. supplies new and used hardwood & softwood railway sleepers throughout the UK.
A surreal experience as you walk along the actual railway track, stepping from railway sleeper to railway sleeper, slowly winding through bustling market stalls filled with the smells of fruit, meat, fresh seafood and vegetables and surrounded by colourful bales of silk and hanging clothes. Unbelievably, this is not a disused railway line but a fully operating train service, that passes 6 times a day. One minute the tracks are covered with endless stalls, and the next, as the train approaches with honking horn, the merchants nonchalantly dismantle their stalls, drag away their baskets, lower the umbrellas and overhanging canopies as the train progresses within inches of them. All very magical.