A never ending project of walls, steps & raised beds with new pine railway sleepers.

A wide collection of landscaping projects using new pine railway sleepers.
East Leake,

New British pine eco friendly railway sleepers
2.6m & 3.6m x 250mm x 125mm
2.4m & 1.2m x 250mm x 75mm 

RailwaySleepers.com Says..

RailwaySleepers.com supplies new and used hardwood & softwood railway sleepers throughout the UK. Railwaysleepers.com
It's great to see people's brilliant railway sleeper projects. It's wonderful seeing customers return again &  again to buy more and more railway sleepers for their gardens. Retaining walls are often swiftly followed by raised beds. Railway sleeper steps & paths soon accompany patio edging. But it's a slippery slope leading to water features, tables, fireplaces, play areas etc... This is the dangerous underbelly of railway sleeper landscaping. The sad, sad truth about railway sleepers. When customers read the warning sign on the website about the addictive quality of railway sleepers, they tend to laugh & insist it could never happen to them. "I'm just a social user. I just build the odd railway sleeper raised bed at Christmas when I've had a few drinks & maybe construct a railway sleeper wall on my birthday, when I'm out with my mates. It's not a problem. I've got it under control. I can quit whenever I want. Anyway, all my friends do it."
We're not wishing to spoil the landscaping party. Your creativity with railway sleepers is amazing and an inspiration to others. We just want you to take care!