Aimee Sanders sleeper steps & raised beds from Colorado

Good evening and greetings from the USA,

I just spent about a hour looking at your customer pictures. Yes, it is addictive. I'm hopefully about to embark on my own railroad sleeper project (steps and patio) on my new house (with the help of a landscaper). Iwanted to share the railroad sleeper idea photos Itook at the yampa river botanical garden in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I especially like the use of the sleepers with "creepers" (creeping plants) and with slate pieces. Wonderful idea if one doesn't want to plant grass. If all goes well, i hope to email you pictures of my project.

Many thanks for putting in the time to create a wonderful idea website.
Aimee Sanders, Colorado, USA Says..

A great collection of photos, in brilliant settings. A perfect example of the exciting effects you can get with railway sleepers, all over the world !