Andy's Railway Sleeper raised bed - start to finish!

Here are pictures of my raised bed from start to finish. The railway sleepers were delivered on the 3rd of November and the raised bed was finished on the 17th. Just waiting for the plants!

I used a convenient sized container for dipping the cut ends with wood treatment. The curve was the tricky part, together with coping with a change in levels. Mind you, I had a little helper knocking wedges in! 

I fastened the sleepers together with timberlok screws and 5ft 12mm diameter steel rods, and I used a decking top to hide the untidy mitring! 

Andy Thompson
West Bromwich

New British pine eco friendly railway sleepers Says..

Many thanks for all the photos showing so effectively all the stages you went through to create your railway sleeper raised bed, from absolute beginning to its brilliant conclusion. It's also really good to see how you managed the difficult fiddly bits which are hidden by the decking top. Curves are notoriously difficult to manage with railway sleepers. Clearly your little helper was the difference between success and failure! A great looking project.