ASTONISHING TRANSFORMATION! Mike's landscaping with new pine railway sleepers.

Here are some before and after photos of a garden in Nottingham that was landscaped with some of your new softwood railway sleepers. It was a steeply sloping garden that was terraced on five levels where the top two were a mess and full of building rubble. Access in and out was really difficult due to a very narrow path down the side of the house, so a large quantity of hardcore had to be concealed on site. Some was concealed under new decking and at the base of a raised planter in front. The terraces were levelled and more raised railway sleeper beds added. Finally, new railway sleeper retaining walls with new steps in between were built to replace some ugly vertical concrete slabs and to accommodate more of the building rubble. We used the thinner 2.4m x 250mm x 75mm railway sleepers to gain extra height but without the extra weight from the standard 100mm or 125mm thick railway sleepers.
Mike Peverill

New British pine eco friendly railway sleepers
2.4m x 250mm x 75mm Says.. supplies new and used hardwood & softwood railway sleepers throughout the UK.
Sometimes when we see someone's beautifully landscaped garden or renovated house, we get overtaken by the excitement of the amazing transformation and forget the arduous process that they've had to go through. The meticulous planning, the gruelling graft, the digging, lifting, shifting, cutting and painstaking journey from chaotic rubble to streamlined new garden. Your 'before' photos are a perfect reminder of that tough voyage. A wonderful achievement.