Belton Garden centre's railway sleepers & raised beds

Why would a garden centres use new railway sleepers for raised beds? (In this case new pressure treated pine ones)
- Because they are relatively cheap, very fast & simple to construct with, (especially compared with a brickwall) -They are light to handle, easy to cut, easy to drill into
-They create a simple raised boundary against cars and people as well as a 'staged' visual means to display or highlight a planting area.
- They can be placed on top of any surface, including tarmac & concrete.
-They are a good height to plant, weed, feed and water. -There is no risk of the tar & creosote contamination from some old sleepers, and the consequent gooey stuff that sticks on to customer's children.
-What else ? oh yes, they look good !

So there you go ! Join the railway sleeper fan club !