Butterfly World's huge project using oak railway sleepers

Butterfly World - an inspiring £27m world class visitor attraction will be the largest walkthrough experience of its type on our planet - destined to become a leader in active conservation, education and sustainability. Butterfly World is designed to bring the public into direct contact with some of the most fragile and beautiful wildlife in the world. Like the Eden Project, Butterfly World will be a special destination for around one million people each year.

Butterfly World’s patrons:
David Attenborough, Prof David Bellamy, Baroness Helena Kennedy and Emilia Fox

Thanks so much for your help with this project
Ivan Hicks, Chief landscaper

New oak railway sleepers
2400mm x 200mm x 100mm

RailwaySleepers.com Says..

A unique, imaginative, amazing project that will no doubt develop and expand in the same wonderful way that the Eden Project has. We are very happy to be part of supporting this new exciting venture.