Chris's raised garden borders with new pine railway sleepers

Here are some pictures of the project before I started, then taking the old railway sleepers out, and then laying the new railway sleepers in the wet, and then the finished photos. I even had time to do a bit of weeding! Thank you. 
Christopher Pearson,

New British pine eco-friendly railway sleepers
2.4m x 200mm x 100mm Says..

An impressive and useful collection of photos showing all the stages of your garden project. When you transform a garden with new railway sleepers, most people inevitably admire the fresh finished look, without understanding the more arduous process you have gone through. Your pictures perfectly demonstrate the step by step tasks you've undertaken, from dismantling the old rotten timber, laying the bottom layer of new railway sleepers in place with stakes and plastic membrane, and then fixing the second and third layers in place. Finally, painting them all green! A very attractive and well constructed landscaping restoration.