Crafty Oak's beautiful raised beds from new oak railway sleepers

This shaped raised bed from new oak railway sleepers was designed to gently sit beside an open field. We wanted to build something that fitted within a structured garden, yet didn't impose or spoil the lovely open aspect.

We fixed the railway sleepers together with countersunk Timberlok Screws, and then dowelled the screw holes. The project was fairly straightforward, so long as we took into account the slight variation of oak thicknesses, and married together the ones that were thinner or thicker. Oak sawmills are infamous for variations in cutting sizes, and sometimes it feels like a jigsaw puzzle, putting them together. Occasionally we planed a few, but generally it all worked out, even if we had to 'lose' as few mm in the ground. The secret is keeping everything level.

Crafty Oak
Nottingham Says..

Thanks for the impeccable photos that brilliantly show the process of construction. A beautiful raised railway sleeper bed, that is subtly designed with clean angled lines, and impressively frames the boundary between paved garden and open field. Very pleasing.