David Bloor's George Green school railway sleeper project

I was browsing your website for prices on hardwood railway sleepers for a new project I'm working on when I went to the photo section and remembered some pictures I had taken of a community garden I had built. The garden was built last winter and planted in the spring of 2005 at George Green School, London E14. The photo's show the deck and railway sleeper benches, also the large area surrounded by railway sleepers in the garden is a wild flower meadow (just begining to grow). I excavated the topsoil from this area to a depth of about 500mm, removing the soil and seed bank (weeds). The area (hole) was then surrounded by a railway sleeper wall and backfilled with 20 tonnes of crushed concrete fines. This is cheap (around £60) and more importantly nutrient poor. The seed mix was then sown, & in the autumn of 2005 I revisited the site to give the meadow it's first cut. The material you can see on the paths is Netpave 50, which allows wheelchair access on graveled or grassed paths. Thanks for your support on this project.
David Bloor 
Mudchute Park & Farm

New Pine railway sleepers
2600 x 250 x 125mm

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What an epic astonishing project, involving hundreds of railway sleepers, and weeks of intricate and backbreaking ground preperation and landscaping. A huge reclaimation of a hillside, creating an intriguing network of stepped terraces. Unique.