Den & Vanessa's railway sleeper flower bed

Dear K, As requested here are pics of our project. We used 8 of the 3m sleepers stacked in 2 layers to form a 22" high bed. 5 tons of top soil to fill!. We had difficulty with moving the sleepers to our back garden, since they had to be horizontal to pass through a passageway with low headroom, then had to be upended to turn 90 degrees through the back gate into the garden. I strapped each sleeper one at a time to my 2 wheel trolley but it took 2 of us to lift one end to vertical. (No pic of this !) I used a chainsaw to cut the sleepers Hope the pics are useful to others as we found others useful to us. Den & Vanessa Says..

Many thanks for the fantastic pictures with excellent step by step commentary. Brilliant.