Derek's raised veg beds from new oak railway sleepers

Please see attached photo of the raised vegetable beds from the oak railway sleepers we installed in our garden last year.

We were very pleased with the friendly service provided by your company and the local delivery man was also most helpful with the transfer of the incredibly heavy timber to our garage.  We found it necessary to hire a powerful variable speed drill to drive the Timberlok screws and join together 2 six inch square oak railway sleepers. Owing to the hardness of the oak railway sleeper timber even the powerful drill could not quite drive the screws all the way so I found pre-drilling a few inches was essential.

The raised beds are ideal and we are now enjoying the fruits of our labour!

Best wishes

Derek Sheppard-Vine

New oak railway sleepers, 2.4m x 150mm x 150mm Says..

Many thanks for the picture of your excellent railway sleeper raised beds & your kind words about your experience with us. One of the tough things about using oak, apart from its weight, is its hardness. This naturally makes it a desirable & durable hardwood, but also makes it frustrating to drill into it or cut. You eventually discovered, like many before you, that pre-drilling is the only effective way of driving screws into oak, without getting them stuck or snapping them, which is a real hassle. Our suggestion for Timberlok screws is to always pre-drill a 6mm pilot hole through the oak railway sleeper before driving the screw in. Much easier. Enjoy your vegetables!