Eamonn Platt's landscaping with railway sleepers (& cat)

As requested, some pics of my railway sleeper project. It's a lot less adventurous than many on your website, but it keeps my patio tidier and Millie (the cat) likes "her" new shady bench.
Eamonn Platt
Braunston, Northants

New pine railway sleepers
2600mm x 250mm x 125mm

RailwaySleepers.com Says..

Your patio looks simply wonderful! Cutting the 3m new pine railway sleepers into such angled retaining walls, is a great way of edging the paved area, and contrasts beautifully with the spikes of the potted plants. I like the tiny raised angled planter box you've created, with a water feature hidden inside (or plant? I can't quite make it out!) The bench too is a real success with its pleasing triangular lines (a great way of using offcuts!)