Four layered raised bed from new pine railway sleepers

Raised planter made from stacking new softwood railway sleepers 4 high, (with flagpole).
Utilita Arena,

New eco friendly British railway sleepers
1.2m x 200mm x 100mm Says..

Small raised bed planters are one of the easiest garden projects to create. Yes, even for those who are convinced they can't build anything (or who have been told so by their nearest and dearest). Imagine stacking lego bricks or Jenga blocks on top of each other. New 1.2m railway sleepers are so light to handle, easy to assemble and fix together, (just a few screws to put in with a drill), and you can make them whatever height you want. Perfect for vegetables, flower displays and even small trees. A definite must for any garden. And of course you can always put a flagpole in it!