Front garden transformation with old tropical hardwood railway sleepers

I decided to redo the front garden. Over the years it had evolved from a lawn to beds and paths, but now the time had come to give it some organisation. I wanted to keep some of the trees, shrubs and plants, so over the August bank holiday in the back garden I built a nursery raised bed to house them. Firstly I transplanted the plants I wanted to save whilst leaving in the front garden the Lilac tree, Acer, Forsythia and Fuchsia. I then started to remove the soil, old railway sleepers and stones where the pathway ran through the middle and some feature posts. I had a space of about 4 metres by 3.6 metres. Someone asked me if I had a design. I showed them a rough pencil sketch and they suggested I needed the help of Charlie Dimmock!

I employed RS Landscapes based in Nottingham. They finished removing the soil, stones and dug out the stumps. The railway sleepers I chose were used Jarrah and tropical hardwood. 600mm and 900mm x 300mm x 125mm (approx). With a brief from myself the RS Landcapes team came up with a design of eight raised beds and terracing to the slope. This design left me with areas for pots. They then put back the stones and slate and then laid some slabs by the drive and re laid the uneven front step. 

I'm keen to get back in the garden before the gardening season is over. I created an Alpine garden in one bed and under the Forsythia and Fuchsia I planted the bulbs I had removed along with the Heucheras. In another bed I put in two old oak posts, Ferns and Foxgloves. Roll on Springtime 2021!

Karen F.
West Bridgford

900mm x 300mm x 125mm
Jarrah and tropical hardwood reclaimed railway sleepers Says..

Many thanks for your photos and commentary of your project. A dramatic front garden transformation, using over fifty pieces of old tropical hardwood railway sleepers to create multi level raised beds and walkways. An imaginative design that creates exciting pockets of planters for both existing trees and new additions.