George Hill's railway sleeper pond, pergola and flower bed

Hi! I Love your web site. It inspired me to have this pond, pergola and vegetable and flower bed made for our garden. It's all made out of railway sleepers and house our growing collection of koi carp.

It was built buy Rob Wright Cold Water Fish in Newton Abott, Devon. If you repost these pics it would be nice to mention him if you can.

Next project is a railway sleeper bench with planters either side... when I've finished paying for the pond build! Thank god for credit!

Thanks again and hope you enjoy the pics

George Hill

New British pine eco friendly railway sleepers Says..

Thank you for the photos and kind words. I'm glad that the projects on the website have proved useful. We are very happy to add your creation to the project pages. Rob Wright has certainly made a really impressive railway sleeper pond and pergola, surrounded by raised beds, that is a stunning piece of craftsmanship, and a fantastic addition to your garden.