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Jo's vegetable beds with new oak railway sleepers

  • Jo's vegetable beds with new oak railway sleepers

I recently had some reclaimed railway sleepers laid in my garden.  After finding out they were toxic I asked the builder to immediately remove them.  He did but he had the hump, though I'm not sure why as he neglected to point out the large WARNING stickers at the end of each railway sleeper.  He could have saved us both a lot of hassle had he mentioned the potential hazard in using them. Especially as he knew the intended application for them!

Never mind that is by the by. The old reclaimed railway sleepers have now been replaced with new.  Not 100% sure what the wood is but it not the Azobe hardwood.  I set out to find a safe wood preserver that can be used on them.  My cats love to lay on them.  Some of the new railway sleepers have also been made into raised flower beds where I am planning to grow flowers and vegetables. I have found a company that sells ECO friendly wood preservatives and treatments.  I have two cats who love to laze on the railway sleepers and I intend to grow vegetables in the small borders so wanted to ensure it was safe. 

It is only a small garden but since having it landscaped I spend much more time out there. Before it had an old broken patio and a hideous large shed that took up so much room.  I never imagined how nice the garden could look without it!!  I do wish I had found your web site before I had the work done.  Your site is so informative and has some great examples of what you can do with a garden, big or small.  

I have attached just the one picture but the grass is in desperate need of rain and the sleepers untreated.  Once I have had a chance to do a tidy up and hopefully then if I can find a 'before the work' picture I will send them through. The grass has perked up no end over the last week with all the rain we have had!!

Kind regards, Jo.

New oak railway sleepers

RailwaySleepers.com Says..

Thank you so much for the story of your garden, and your determination to end up with the right kind of railway sleepers, for you, your cat and your vegetables. Many people give up, or make do with whatever the builder gives them, so congratulations for your perseverance. Thanks also for the tip on a wood treatment that is friendly for railway sleeper vegetable beds. Look forward to any future railway sleeper pictures!