Neil Baker's railway sleeper landscaping

Dear Kilgraney
Here are some pictures of the garden using nearly all of the 40 Karri sleepers bought from you this summer.
It really was exhausting moving all 40 from my driveway to the rear garden single handedly! I've now got forearms like Schwarzenegger!
The sleeper wall was fixed using threaded galvanized rods into the ground. This meant drilling and removing each sleeper from the top one by one before re- assembly and sealing with exterior varnish. My "old faithful" electric drill burnt out in the process!
The next phase will be adding lighting to the sleeper steps and decking before tackiling the other 100 feet of our garden.
Our cat "sweetums" loves sun-lounging on the Karris' as they warm up in the sun. Thanks again for the sleepers. Hope you can add my pics to your website. Regards
Neil Baker Says..

What a wonderful transformimg project, imaginatively connecting the different areas and levels in your garden. All credit to your design, skill and hard work. No wonder your cat is happy !