Richard Godwin's garden project with railway sleepers

Dear all,
following on from my initial retaining wall project I then had a blank canvas to work from once I had levelled the garden off. I used treated softwood sleepers for the remaining projects as they were not supporting the weight that the retaining wall was. These were so much easier to work with as they could be lifted and moved single handedly. I purchased an electric chainsaw for the cutting which more than paid for itself and I have now completely blunted the chain!
As you can see I have used the softwood sleepers for a small retaining wall to the top patio and then a larger retaining wall. I have also created a raised pond, raised flower bed, steps and even a bench with the one remaining sleeper! The possibilities are endless. All sleepers were held together with the brilliant timberlok screws purchased from yourselves. I would recommend these to anyone as they lock the sleepers together strongly as the name suggests.
I hope you enjoy the pictures and ideas
Richard Godwin Says..

An excellent example of using railway sleepers to transform a flat, 'blank canvas' space into an imaginative, visually exciting garden, with wonderful shapes & levels.
Masses of great ideas & a fine set of priceless photos that show the flexibility & ease of use of railway sleepers (together with much hard work, of course!)