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Rob's his & hers raised veg beds

  • Rob's his & hers raised veg beds
  • Rob's his & hers raised veg beds
  • Rob's his & hers raised veg beds

Having had great and really helpful advice from Karen in terms of your TimberLok bolts (which arrived overnight by snailmail), my partner and I have hit the double veg patch building project hard. I have discovered muscles long forgotten about, hefting sleepers around, carting gravel, etc, but thankfully all has gone to plan and been very satisfying.  The TimberLoks were fantastic and saved a great deal of cursing as other lesser fasteners would no doubt have sheared off.

We now wait for great results from one general vegetable bed (hers); and one with Asparagus (his). 

All the best, Rob Watsham

Used Jarrah railway sleepers, untreated hardwood.

RailwaySleepers.com Says..

Many thanks for the photos and description of your project. A 'his and hers' vegetable bed is a new concept that will no doubt engender rivalry and competition! Yes, the railway sleepers are heavy to move around, but as you say, the end product is more than worth it. I'm glad that you found the timberlok screws useful. They certainly lock raised beds together effectively, providing the drill is powerful enough. Happy vegetable growing!