Roger & Maria's railway sleeper raised bed kits

Just to let you know that our railway sleepers arrived safely yesterday as planned. Working with my wife, Maria, we had the 3 raised beds assembled and in place by the end of the day. Delighted with the results, from the delivery of our railway sleepers to the assembly of our raised beds. Fairly easy to assemble with excellent results as you can see from the photos. 
A couple of points you might want to include in your assembly instructions: 
1.Take care to ensure the sleepers are fitted per your photos and interlocking. We missed this on the asembly of the 2nd bed and had to unscrew a couple of screws!!
2.When securing the upper frame of sleepers to the lower it is essential to drill a pilot hole in the lower sleeper to ensure the longer timberlok screw can be inserted all the way through.The first we tried got stuck half way down which we had to unscrew …ouch!! After drilling pilot holes they all screwed all the way down. Thanks for all your help.
Kind Regards
Roger & Maria Turnbull

Raised bed kits no. 8 & 16 Says..

Thanks so much for your excellent photos and information about your raised bed project. It's always great to hear that your railway sleepers have arrived safely and that the raised beds you have constructed look wonderfully at home in such a beautiful setting. What a great job you have both accomplished so quickly! Thanks also for the really useful comments about assembly and the slight hiccup with assembly. It's typical that we often learn practical lessons after having made mistakes, rather than before. I remember my struggles with a flatpack IKEA wardrobe. Personally I didn't think it looked too bad, but when the clothes didn't hang properly it was pointed out that the construction was upside down, and that my individual version of the design was not appreciated!