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Sue Shaw's four raised beds

  • Sue Shaw's four raised beds
  • Sue Shaw's four raised beds

Hello.  I attach photos of the raised beds made with your 1.2m square kits.  They are planted with a mix of flowering plants and salad veg and herbs and are a lovely scene in front of my patio windows.  They were delivered promptly and the driver was extremely helpful getting the kits off the lorry.  Thank you.

Sue Shaw

New British pine eco friendly treated railway sleepers
32 x 1.2m x 250mm x 125mm
Timberlok fixings

RailwaySleepers.com Says..

Your raised beds look really charming, and will undoubtably bring you even more pleasure in the future. They are a great height for picking both flowers and vegetables, not to mention a handy position for dealing with persistent weeds. They also create a gentle neatness and order to the garden which is lovely to look out on.