Waterside's sensory garden & patio with railway sleepers

I hope the following information will give you an idea of what has been provided at the Waterside Resource Unit and why.
The Friends of Waterside was set up to provide funds, by way of applications to various Charitable Trusts to obtain funding for various specific projects, for the benefit of the client base at the Waterside Resource Unit, which caters for around 90 adults. All the clients have profound and severe learning difficulties. Most of the client base are wheelchair users.
One of the projects was to create a Sensory Garden and Patio area within the grounds of the unit. The Garden area will provide the opportunity for clients to access an outdoor multi-sensory experience and provide a pleasant and peaceful place to spend time.
Plants and herbs used within the garden to focus on aroma, colour and touch.
The area is completely wheelchair friendly and full access to the water features and planting in the railway sleeper raised beds and planters have been incorporated within the garden, so that everyone can gain full enjoyment from spending time there. The Friends of Waterside hope to fund the creation of a Woodland area, which will be located near the Sensory Garden, incorporating fully accessible paths and using native shrubs and woodland plants. This area will provide a totally different experience for the clients at The Waterside ResourceUnit.
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Waterside Resource Unit

New Pine railway sleepers
2400mm x 250mm x 125mm
1200mm x 250mm x 125mm
2400mm x 250mm x 75mm

RailwaySleepers.com Says..

What an impressive project! Beautifully designed with imagination and style to create a wonderfully accessible garden that will be immensely appreciated. All credit to your hard working volunteers who, with graft and skill, have transformed a rough grass area into an amazingly constructed and unique landscaped space, that looks so still & peaceful. As the plants grow, the area will soon become an oasis of smell, colour and touch.