A king size bench, enormous hound and multiple use of railway sleepers

 I thought I'd "dare to share" my project with your highly skilled and imaginative community. Two things stick out from your gallery/blog. Firstly, there are some very skilled individuals out there using railway sleepers (my efforts pale into insignificance by comparison - but I'm still proud of them nonetheless). Secondly, you're definitely right about the addictive aspect of their use!

So, to briefly explain. We (or I!) used reclaimed oak railway sleepers to retain the bulk of our & next doors' sloping gardens to create an area of artificial lawn for our ridiculously enormous hound to do ridiculously enormous hound things on without the garden turning into an old school rugby training pitch. They really are the perfect solution to a problem like this. The structure is 4 railway sleepers deep with concrete reinforcement below the surface. The bottom 2 railway sleepers are retro fitted to the existing raised bed​

We also created a 9' bench from 4 (no waste) tanalised softwood sleepers, 14 x 125mm screws, 4 angle brackets, 24 x 50mm screws, 4 x "Sleeper Dogs" & 6' of 100mm x 100mm fence post (we had a spare from the deck construction). Yes, it's a beast!
Keep the inspiration coming - the project blog is a joy, thankyou.
All the very best 
Michael Barnes

Used oak railway sleepers
New pine railway sleepers


RailwaySleepers.com Says..

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As you say, a beast of a project, that is definitely something to be proud of and which will be admired by the railway sleepers community. The reclaimed oak railway sleepers provide such an effective and substantial way of levelling and retaining the sloping ground, and the 9ft king size bench looks majestic enough for 20 enormous hounds to hang out on. A great project, and one that is clearly approved of!